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Compeer of Greater Buffalo

Who We Are

Using the power of volunteer friends and mentors to improve the lives of children, adults and seniors who are striving for good mental health.

What We Do

Thanks so much for your interest in the Compeer Program!


At Compeer of Greater Buffalo, we believe that “friendship is powerful medicine”.  In that spirit, we match volunteers as mentors to children and as friends to adults and seniors, who are all striving for better mental health. 


Compeer volunteers meet with their friends each week for a couple of hours and participate in mutually agreed upon activities such as going for walk, talking over coffee, shooting hoops, or having lunch.



Compeer for Seniors --ages 60+

Become a caring friend to a senior!  Compeer volunteers demonstrate that friendly encouragement and caring support can truly enrich a lonely life.  So often, many seniors are losing access to mental health professionals with whom they have enjoyed longstanding relationships.  Many Compeer seniors are often lacking the supportive friendships that so many of us take for granted and are struggling with loneliness and isolation.  All Compeer seniors are aged 60 plus. I currently have close to 80 volunteers in the older adult program who are making a huge difference in their friend’s lives.



Compeer for Kids —ages 5-17

Many of our children need a mentor, an adult they can trust, and outings in the community. Compeer Kids range in age from 3-17.  Volunteers who are matched with Compeer youth commit to weekly visits with their friends of at least an hour for a minimum of one year and offer essential emotional support and become a positive role model in the life of the youth they serve. We currently have over 125 Mentors helping kids!




Compeer for Adults --ages 18-59

Compeer also matches volunteers with adults between the ages of 18 and 59 in the Adult Program. Currently, we have over 100 people matched with Compeer volunteers, but there are still many more waiting for a friend in Erie County. They might even live in your neighborhood. Most of our adults love to get out and participate in community activities.  Whether it be helping a young adult learn about life and the community or someone older in need of friendship, our adults are wonderful people in need of a kind friend.



Compeer Vet-to-Vet --ages 18+

The Compeer VET2VET Program matches veterans in supportive one-to-one friendships. While veterans in need receive support, understanding, and encouragement in the community, trained veteran volunteers get the opportunity to engage in community service and experience self worth by offering supportive friendship. The VET2VET Program helps to ensure that veterans have access to the knowledge and expertise in the community of individuals in ways that contribute to the veteran and the community at large. 




The SAY YES Scholar Mentoring Program, in partnership with Compeer of Greater Buffalo, matches high school seniors and current scholars with professional volunteer mentors to provide guidance and advice while students are transitioning to and through post-secondary education. Mentors commit to having contact 4 times a month.




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